Meet Dottie: Exterior Photos

When we first acquired our camper we lived in a ranch-style house with a low 2 bay garage. We removed the roof vent, tires, axle, and exterior plumbing to make Dottie as short as possible. We spent a frustrating weekend attempting to get the camper indoors, but in the end she just couldn’t squeeze her way into the garage. Fast forward 1 year, and Dottie is now nestled inside our new extra wide 3 bay garage. We removed the tires and dropped the camper onto rolling dollies, so we can easily rotate and move it around for better access.

As you can seen from the photos above, the original paint scheme has been replaced with a cream stripe on one of the most ugly shades of brown ever. Not sure why anyone would paint their camper that color. Our theory is that a previous owner had some leftover exterior house paint that they needed to use up. The original wooden screen door is thankfully in good shape, so we plan to keep it.

The skin of the trailer is pretty rough. It looks like Dottie went through a few hail storms. The original tail lights and side lights are intact, but need to be rewired. The windows are also original and in good shape. The brows have been repainted several times, so we’ll be using a lot of elbow grease and paint stripper to clean them up.

Later this week we’ll give you a tour of the interior. Stay tuned!

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