Week Two: Skin Deep

We were very productive this past weekend! The main goal this week was to remove the exterior skins.

The skins came off quite easily, thanks to all the work we did the week before removing the screws. We had also removed the J-rail previously.

As we peeled off the skins we were able to fully evaluate the extent of the water damage underneath. Interestingly, the front of the trailer had a lot of rot along the street side, but the curb side was pristine!

After removing the skins we removed the roof. We are saving the skins and roof to use as a template when applying the new skins we ordered. We then got ambitious and removed the entire roof!

This week was also all about taking measurements. As we dissembled, we sketched multiple views of the trailer so that we can put it all back together correctly.

A few interesting finds as we removed the skins: A promotional banner and an old large wrench!

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