Week Three: Tearing down the walls

Another busy week in the Hudson household! This week we removed Dottie’s cabinetry and the walls.

The walls are completely supported by the cabinetry. We left the front upper cabinet in place until right before we were ready to drop the walls, to help keep the whole trailer from collapsing in on itself.

The walls came down easier than we expected. We had done the hard work of removing most of the hundreds of twisty nails and screws over the previous 2 weeks, so there were only a few still holding the walls in place. To help stabilize the walls so that we could remove them in one piece, we screwed a few long strips of scrap wood horizontally across the wall frames.

We were careful to remove the cabinetry intact so that we can rebuild it exactly like the original.

Bonus: We realized that the floor was only attached by 6 carriage bolts, so we removed it too! Most of the welds are either damaged or completely broken, so we will be taking the frame to a professional welder for some repairs before we start the rebuild. It’s amazing Dottie made it on the road for this long!

Guess we are fully committed now!

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