Week Six: Laying the framework.

We had a very busy – and productive – week here. Jeff’s dad, Randy, flew into town for 5 days to help us with the trailer project. He has a lot of experience in working with trailer and car frames/axles/etc. Jeff also took several days off of work to focus on the trailer. Last week I mentioned that we were planning to take the trailer to a professional welder for repairs. Due to a series of unforeseen events, the welder was unable to get Dottie into his shop (his truck broke down in front of the shop, blocking the door). So Jeff and his dad decided to tackle the welding themselves. They did a great job, and it ended up saving us a lot of time.

Jeff cleaning the frame

After cleaning and prepping the frame, we applied POR15. Over that went the primer, then the final paint color. The entire process took about 2 1/2 days.

The new axle, complete with brakes, finally arrived! We thought we were going to have to custom order new leaf springs due to their unique size, but we were lucky enough to find some locally at the last minute. The jack was also replaced.

The last big project for the weekend was to build the new floor. The floor is a sandwich-style construction, with a middle layer of framing and insulation. To protect the underside of the floor from moisture, we painted it with Flex Seal Paint (basically liquid rubber).

The floor is now mounted onto the frame. Next step will be to tile the floor, then start rebuilding the body! We’re taking next weekend off so we likely won’t have a new blog post for a couple of weeks.

Floor is installed
Ready for tile!

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