Week 7: Back from a break…

So it’s been a while since we updated the blog. A few reasons for this: 1) We took a break for a few weeks to spend time with our Great Dane, Bella, during her last days on earth, 2) Lots of planning and ordering of parts was necessary for the next steps of the restoration. 3) We got a new puppy! We have been back at it for the last several weeks, so we have lots of updates to share!

RIP Bella

When we left off at the end of March, we had completed the subfloor and frame of the trailer. In the middle of May we finally got started on laying the floor tile. We choose to use vinyl tile in a traditional black and white checkerboard pattern. The tiles came in 12 x 12 inch size, but we chose to cut them all down to 9 x 9 inch, which is the size of the original tiles.

We used Armstrong Tile Strong Adhesive to adhere the tiles. Funny thing is that you have to special order a specific trowel for the glue, even though you can buy it at several home improvement stores! The trick with the glue is that you want it to be nearly dry before you lay the tile, as it is activated by pressure.

After laying the tile we applied 5 coats of wax to seal the floor. Now it’s ready to be a rolling dance floor!

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