Week 8: Cabinets!

Jeff’s dad, Randy, was once again kind enough to take time out of his busy retirement to come help us for several days. This week we built all the cabinetry! The original cabinets were damaged beyond repair, so we had to start from scratch. Thankfully, we were careful in the disassembly phase and removed all the old cabinets intact so that we could use them as a template for the new ones.

We used birch and poplar for the framing, and birch plywood for the faces of the cabinets. To make cupboard doors we had to biscuit and glue birch boards together to get the proper width.

Each part of the framing was both glued and screwed together. We used a pocket jig to sink all the screws. We also rebuilt the drawers from scratch.

Next week we’ll start shellacking the cabinets!

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